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Carsick Patch

This products is made by ginger, corn mint and upright datura flower.

The suitable person:
The persons who are sub-health who will be giddy and sick up when they take bus, ship or air.

Applicable People:
carsick, seasick and airsick people

Description of use:
release the liner lay, stick the adhesive side to the back of the ear where there is no hair. It should one pieces a time for adult person, and one piece a time for the children between 6 to 15 year old.

1. This product is for external use, strictly prohibit to into the mouth; the children should be supervise by the adult person when they use.
2. The person who are bacteroidal dysentery, wet-heat diarrhea and dehydrate person under diarrhea can not use.
3. The pregnant women, the children under 6 years old and the sensitive skin and the wound area are all forbid to use.
4. The glaucoma patient can not use
5. There is unsuitable and red turgescence during use, it will disappear when stop use
6. Storage sealed in cool area.

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