Detox Patches

Super Golden Detox Foot Patch

[Product Description]
Lastest detox foot patch(foot detox patch,detox patch)Clean your body .Foot detox patches are at work while you are sleeping

[Main Ingredients]Nagative lon,Carapace Element,Vitamin C,Orange Oil,Bamboo Vinegar Liquid,Minerals,Plant Extract.

[Mechanism of Action]
1. Promoting blood circulation&metabolism.
2. Activating cells,improving functions of vital organs.
3. Relieving foot fatigue.
4. Relaxing muscles&tendons and eliminating moisture,repenishing vital essence and strengthening kidney.
5. Detumescence and acesodyne.
6. Promoting sleeping.
7. Dispelling toxins accumlated in absorbent system,promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity.

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