Company Culture

Corporate Value
We are not selling medical products, but providing the healthy life for the people.

Corporate Mission
1. To create added-value and provide better services for our customers
2. To build up adequate ground in which for our employee to upgrade their own worth, to grow faster, to work and live better
3. To return investors for long term interests

In the Corporate Religion of "Consistent Quality, Added Value, Better Services" which is what we have built our growth on, EVERGREEN desires to be an ethical, reliable, responsible and financially sound manufacturer and supplier of disposable devices for the medical and dental industries.

Consistent Quality: The product quality and reliability is the concern of every person in EVERGREEN and NOT the sole responsibility of the Q/A and Q/C personnel. Whenever and wherever the pharmacopoeia and / or our customer standard apply, the company ensures the customer requirement is recognized and the products supplied conform to the appropriate standards. With the plentitude of experiences and knowledge in the last 6 years, we are dedicated to the Consistent Quality.

Added Value: At EVERGREEN we value our customers, your focus is the frame of our mind. We always look for new and exciting ways to help you in saving money and increasing your competitiveness. To create the Added Values to our customers is our ultimate aim.

Better Service: We listen to our customers and find that living up to our promises of keeping in touch and learning more to build a level of mutual trust has comforted our customers enabling our relationship to grow and keep our customers friends. In addition to our usual services we supply at EVERGREEN, we also combine many skills and wide range of products in supplying you with "one stop" solution to your demanding needs. Our professional and committed team is endeavouring to provide you with our better services and technical support.

We established our advantageous positions in the market with the products being Refinedly Packaged, With Minimized Bio-burden, and Surgically Applicable, which is our Core Competitiveness:

Refinedly Packaged: The products are adequately packaged in the highest materials, but more important the count has to be 100% accurate, especially for any Class IIa and O.R products like X-ray detetctable swabs, dressings packs and procedure trays. Any wrong count will cause a lot of pains to patients......

With Minimized Bio-burden: In today’s world, people cares more and more the safety and efficacy of patient treatment, the production environment and unique GMP process in EVERGREEN can ensure its products with the minimized bio-burden, to avoid any potential risks in hospital use.

Surgically Applicable: We focus on those products which are used in operation room, it is the

long term commitment of EVERGREEN to add into its catalogue more and more the highest quality products, and supply you with one stop solution to your demanding needs......